Terms & Conditions

  1. All the clients who book our services are bound by our Terms & Conditions. It is customer’s responsibility to check our list of inclusions/Exclusions and terms & conditions when you book our service.

  2. Condition: Initial quotes are priced on good condition house. If the property was not maintained/cleaned regularly it will be considered as damaged. Damaged properties may not be restored(cleaned) back to its original state. For example, if Shower area is mouldy and grouts needs to be scrubbed, shower screen has soap scum, Oven grills/surfaces need to be scrubbed, Window Glass/Sills has mould, Walls are stained, these will incur extra cost. However, it is compulsory for us to clean the property up to a standard and safe for the next tenant. With damaged properties or severely dirty properties, there will be extra charges on top of the quote provided. 100% Bond Back Guarantee will not be applicable for damaged areas of the properties.

  3. Bond Back Guarantee: 100% Bond Back Guarantee on quality of cleaning is only valid for 7 days after the job. completion. Clean Splash is not liable for any issue be it cleaning issue or any other issue addressed after 7 days.

  4. Quote: The customer must provide us with an accurate information regarding the property at the time of quote. For any reasons if the property did not align with the information given in the quote form, extra charges will apply accordingly.

  5. Vacate Clean: As the name suggests, the property must be all vacant/empty. No rubbish, furniture, dishes or anything else should be left behind. Anything which we can’t vacuum with our normal vacuum cleaner is considered as rubbish (extra charges apply for hard rubbish removal). For any un-vacated/damaged properties we reserve the right to commence with housekeeping services first at an additional cost until the property is prepared for its end of lease.

  6. No power/electricity: If there is no electricity connected from the beginning of the clean or disconnected during the clean, we will not be able to continue the cleaning job and if require us to come back, additional charges will incur.

  7. Booking Deposit: We require $100 deposit in advance to lock in the booking and the rest will be charged before commencing the cleaning. Half of the deposit will be taken if: 1) Cancellation occurred 48 hours prior to the agreed date. Full deposit will be taken if the scheduled clean is cancelled 24hrs prior or the client requires last minute change in schedule however cannot be accommodated by us and result in cancelling the clean.

  8. Walls/Ceiling spot/Scuff mark cleaning: These services are not included in the quote provided as not all property have scuff marks/stained walls/celling marks. If this service is needed, it will be quoted separately.

  9. Fully Furnished: Please notify if you are vacating a fully furnished property as extra charges will apply. We do not move heavy furniture; we will clean around them. For fully furnished properties especially for End of Lease cleans, the quote provided is for emptied furniture. If your property has appliances, cutlery, cookware, glassware, decorations etc that require cleaning, it will be quoted extra as not all furnished properties have these items.

  10. Light fittings/Exhausts will be dusted. If they were not maintained and requires thorough wiping, additional cost will be quoted. We will not remove any light fitting that are hard to remove to prevent any damages. With that, we will not be re attending the property to clean light fittings if was initially not easy to remove.

  11. Oven Cleaning: We do not dismantle (remove glass/ wire etc.) any part of the oven. We only clean what accessible. If the oven has not been cleaned on regular basis, then it is not possible to remove all the carbon, grime & achieve 100% cleaning results. Additional cost will be applied for severely burnt oven.

  12. Payment: All payments will be made prior to the actual cleaning. An invoice will be sent via email or text message.

  13. Carpet and Upholstery: There is a possibility that some stubborn stains may not be removed while performing carpet/upholstery cleaning. Damage can be done to the carpet by the tenant of the property by not cleaning it on regular basis, so there are limitations with what can be achieved depending on the condition of the carpet.

  14. Pet Hair on carpets/upholstery: We do not guarantee 100% removal of pet hair. If the owner does not vacuum the carpet regularly and the hair gets penetrated into carpet/curtain/sheer fibres which can be very hard to remove and hence hard to achieve 100% results.

  15. Lift Access: Extra charges will apply in situations where it is difficult to access the property or If heavy carpet cleaning equipment has to be carried to the higher floor levels without any lift. Please notify at the time of quote if your place is located on 2nd floor or above and has no lift or is harder/tricky to access.

  16. Parking: It is customer’s responsibility to arrange parking bay. If the parking cannot be arranged, parking fee will be added to the quote.

  17. Fly Screens: As not all properties have fly screens, removing and cleaning fly screens will be charged separately. Fly screen cleaning cost can only be quoted onsite as we require to check the conditions before quoting.

  18. Blinds: Blinds or Curtains are not included in the End of lease cleaning. Light spot clean can be added however if the blinds/curtains are heavy damaged, they will be quoted separately.

  19. Exclusions: Blinds, Curtains, Ceiling, Outside cleaning (Unless added additionally), Outside windows, Sliding Doors, Floor to Ceiling Glass (Especially in the Apartments), Balcony, Garage, Dishwasher Filter, High Ceiling Light fittings and Windows, Fans)
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